Joe Figueiredo

Added Value

Not only does my academic background and twenty-odd years in industry help me understand complex topics and issues, the business experience I acquired also ensures quality, reliability and customer service are of paramount importance in my own practice.

My previous life in industry

I was not always a professional writer. After receiving a Master of Science in Computer & Information Science from the University of Massachusetts, I worked more than 20 years in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry in the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. I started my career as a systems developer and gradually moved into project management and training, ending up in consulting and marketing.

Catching the writing bug

Then, it was time for a change, but nothing too drastic. Remembering how much I love writing, I combined my native-English writing skills with my technical experience and expertise, and business sense, to establish a Business & Technology writing practice in 1996.

The world is my market

Now, I see marketing techniques used everywhere, not only in business. Mothers, for instance, successfully use their instincts and skills to catch and hold their children’s attention, while gently coaxing, convincing, admonishing and enlightening them. They are our unsung marketers.

As a creative writer – and regardless of what I’m writing – I use similar tactics of grabbing and then holding my readers’ attention while gently feeding them my message.

Writing tone and style

As a rule, I use a ‘business tone’ in most of my writing. However, I believe business blogs, as well as certain speeches and presentations scripts, should be a tad informal. That’s where I resort to using a ‘popular business’ style.

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